Han’s Smart Laser Group, having headquarters in Shenzhen, China, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medium and high power laser equipments for industrial production. The Han’s Laser Smart Equipment group achieved a total turnover of 1,540 million Euros during 2018 financial year.


The laser cutting product portfolio includes 2D cutting series, professional tube cutting series and precision 3D cutting series as well as welding systems and customization of production systems and lines. These products are widely used in many industrial sectors, including the railway sector, automotive, mechanical engineering, elevators, agricultural machinery production, petrochemicals, packaging and, of course, in metal sheet general processing. These products have already been sold worldwide in over 40 countries.


To keep up with technological innovation and to maintain its leadership in the sector to which it belongs, the company invested, in the 2018 financial year only, over 60 million Euros to build a Top Class processing center and a center application for laser cutting, welding and 3D printing.



Each machine is strictly certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, GMC Global Excellent Manufacturer Certification, International Standard Labelling Product Certification and CE Certification.



Han’s Laser owns +4000 patents for inventions, utility model patents, design patents and software copyrights.


Mission: Hyperquality.


Zentech is a new and dynamic company.
Thanks to its long experience in the world of tool and laser cutting machines in Europe, its sole mission is hyper-quality, by creating a new project to meet the continuous request for laser cutting machines at competitive prices on the market.


In these times where being competitive is crucial, Zentech has been able to stand out by obtaining an excellent result.


Zentech goal is to provide its customers with high-quality machinery, by reducing costs thanks to low-cost industrialized mass production overseas. After a long search to find the ideal partner who was able to guarantee the indispensable reliability and quality, today Zentech is proud of its collaboration with Han’s Laser, a world leader company.




m2 Area dedicated to R&D


Zentech, besides being the reference partner of Han’s Laser for the sale of metal sheet working machines, is able to provide a professional and constant assistance service, for:


Ordinary maintenance: This section includes all those interventions ensuring the efficiency of the cutting center for a long time. In this specific case, it involves the replacement of consumable parts, such as nozzles, mirrors, oils, optics and periodic adjustment of the machinery.


Repair: This section includes all those interventions for which a planning is not possible and which require immediate intervention, in order not to prolong the machine downtime. After telephone diagnosis, Zentech offers prompt intervention by its skilled technicians, already equipped with the correct spare parts for the immediate restoration of the total functionality of the machine.


Zentech, as a Han’s Laser distributor, has in stock and sells only original spare parts.


Obviously, this kind of product has indisputable advantages compared to compatible spare parts present on the market, such as, first and foremost, the official guarantee of the mother-company, the maintenance of the original performance levels of the machine, as well as the safeguarding of the investment value.


All Han’s Laser laser units supplied are covered by a full 24 month warranty.


Zentech is the only point of contact for any need.



    EMAIL info@zen-tech.it

    ADDRESS Via Faustino Tanara, 5 - 43121 Parma